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Anonymous asked: could you explain the species' in your story "Asura"? and their history?

There are three main goddesses:

- Goddess of Creation (Bhrama)

- Goddess of Preservation (Vishnu)

- Goddess of Destruction (Shiva)

Shiva decided to create life (ironic, right?) she create her own race and them decided to life the “Asuras”, at first, were a very powerful and almost divine creatures, but very proud and arrogant, over time Brahma, saw the need to create a new race that could coexist with Asuras and the Devas were created, but they was a better in every way, full of grace, beauty and benevolence, qualities that enabled them to become the superior race.

Soon the Asuras were left behind, envy and lust for power brought them into conflict with the Devas.
But do not think that the Devas are always the “good guys”
Besides being similar to Asuras in power, they are also very arrogant and confident, they also hunt Asuras for pleasure. So many problems that both races caused that Vishnu (the most powerful of the three goddessess) had to interfere, she divided all in three different worlds (or dimensions) without any connection between them:

Nirvana: Devas Garden

Naraka: Asuras Kingdom

The third world was left to a new race, the Humans, to be in charge of restoring the world that wars of Devas and Asuras had destroyed.

For a long time there was peace, but the Asuras were able to return to earth and began to destroy and killing innocent humans, meanwhile the Devas, though they were no longer interested in fight again managed a way back to earth now in order to protect humanity from the Asuras. This gave the Devas the category of something like angels and the Asuras were degraded to mere demons (although they are also gods as Devas).

In the current timeline of the comic, it’s happening the seventh war between the dominant races, being Asuras who are winning because the leader of the Devas, Ram disappeared and all is lost D:

That’s all for the moment, my english sucks and I can not explain things well, if you have more questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best XD

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